National Championship in Portugal – first stage

National Championship in Portugal – first stage

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Hello from Portugal

Last week – 11/06/2017 till 17/06/2017 – the first part of our National Paragliding Championships took place in Castelo de Vide, a small village near de border with Spain. The forecast was superb – and we did very good flights.

My results after 5 tasks and 1 training day:

  • I flew 367,2 km
  • I enjoyed 22 hours of airtime
  • Made goal twice
  • 2 x “almost goal: 8 km and 3.5 km from finish line
  • I got a penalty of 400 points because I entererd the altitude limit by 40 meters
  • I won the female classification

Please, check the results on

In July we will have the second part of our National Championship. Stay tuned!

Silvia Ventura


By the way, do you know that I really love my TRITON 2 Light XS and the speed brake system? Now I control my glider almost exclusively with this system, because it makes me feel very safe.
I still have some difficulties in doing inversions, maybe because I’m light on the wing or I do not let the wing flow