Beautiful Sicily

Beautiful Sicily

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Catching some airtime, enjoying warm sunrays and having fun at all was our plan in Sicily. Adriano Patti, the owner of Fly Tours Sicily, invited us to join his free time together and to go flying wherever it was possible.

We began the first day with a bautiful soaring session on the beach – I am loving that! Before, we had to wait for three days because of bad weather. It was very, very cold for this time Adriano told us but we used the time for some culture trips, and drove around a little bit.

From the beginning I felt in love with this typical, beautiful landscape of Sicily. Because Adriano is a very experienced guide, we were all the time at spots with the best flying output. It was the first time I started close to the beach, and flew over 700m above the See and about 1 km away from the beach. Boaaaa! With my two MENTORs I always had a lot of fun flying some curves and I felt always save during the starts – even when the wind was quite strong. I suggest to heavier guys to have a small MENTOR in addition for when the wind is very strong. I bet  you will enjoy it!

It is also possible to do some nice XC flights in Sicily. But beware of the huge thistles in the gras when  landing! They are nearly everywhere.

The next time I go to Sicily at the end of Ocotber (after the Nova Hike and Fly Days) or at the beginning of November – anybody interested in joining me? And now – like all my posts -look at my pictures and read the full story.


I liked driving in Sicily very much, even though it was very scaring in the beginning. Rules are more suggestions and the locals drive more or less by feeling and thinking in a good combination. Having some scars seems not to be a big deal at all. I think that is the right attitude when you have so many very narrow streets….

Adriano Patti our warmhearted guide during the trip.

Our first day –  a very nice soaring session in Lumia. But this stupid agaves grow at the worst places believe me! (no I did NOT fall into it ;-) )

The next days we had to cope with unflyable weather…

and so we did a very serious cultural sightseeing trip to Palermo….

and drove around the northern part of the island.


The light was incredible great and there are a lot of “lost place” old houses with gentle hills and small fields…


This wild thistle is one of the biggest enemy of every pilot in Sicily . They’re huge and have a lot of thorns…



Airborne again in Giallornado, soaring at its best!


Its is possible to understand nearly everything when sicilians are talking about flying, because they are mostly talking with their hands :-)

THIS is the REAL pizza Adriano told us, everything more in the north is not.Well, I think I agree.


Don´t be worry if your glider is a little bit too big for you when you go to Sicily. There is such a lot of different “dolce” to taste that you will loose this problem very quickly….

Lisa Bauer who came along with me in Sicily

Next flying spot next to St. Ambrogio

launching only 100m above the beach…

… and soaring and catching a thermal and go for a small XC.


and flying 750m above the sea!


A small hike & fly next to the famous climbing spot San Vito and flying in a very nice and soft thermals.




Beware of “THIS SHIT”! That this thistles grow so large is part of the climate change on the island, Adriano told us.


Our last flying day next to Baucina with al lot of nice Sicilians.



This are the spots we where flying.

Matilde, the most sweetest dog on Sicily joined us sometimes while it was getting dark and cold outside…