MENTOR 2 – my first flight

MENTOR 2 – my first flight

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First Flight with my new MENTOR 2

After a loner period with poor weather I finally managed to enjoy my first real flight with my Mentor 2. They were too short for a proper comment on the wing. Here are my most important notes:

  • Preparations: Extremely easy to sort the lines
  • Polyamide Rods: open leading edge nicely for launch
  • Launch: nothing special, rising: not slow – not fast, inflation: fast & symmetrical, very uncomplicated
  • Flying turns: reacting qickly for an EN-B, very precise, I think a a little bit harder on the break than Oryx (not sure)
  • Speed Bar: WOW! It’s like igniting a turbo charger. You can hear it immediately. Very impressive (particularly for an EN B wing)
  • Landing: same as launching. I noted nothing special. Easy.
  • Overall: I can’t wait for good thermals and the first XC flights…….



In the back you see the river Inn valley and the town of Kufstein