Philipp at Dutch istructormeeting

Philipp at Dutch istructormeeting

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Last saturday 6 november Philipp Medicus was the mean speaker at the dutch instructormeeting. Allmost 50 of the total 60 dutch instructors were there. He drove all the way from insbruck to the flatlands and back for the meeting (in a nice car).

Philipp discussed three themes: 1) From first prototype to the serial glider 2) a look behind the new design features 3) A critical view on the certification of paragliders

The instructors were very enthousiast and liked his themes. We had some nice discusions and at the end everybody was pleased and got a lot new information. The Dutch  flying board adressed many thanks at  NOVA for there input.

Philipp was introduced to some dutch habbits, saw somewindmills and experianced his debuut with  trikeflying.