Will spring ever come?

Will spring ever come?

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Due to several bad weather forecasts we somehow didn’t manage to have a team meeting  yet. So Dusan, Wolfi and Till decided to change the place of our meeting to Kobarid which is a great decision. You have been on Lijak before, but most of you have never been on Kobariski stol, so I have decided to make a litle introduction before your arrival to Slovenia.

Kobarid and mountains in the back

Kobarid is a very well known flying destination in Slovenia. With it’s 20km long ridge it’s like a paradise for pilots. Because of the strong conditions it is highly appropriate for long XC flying, but in the evening, when thermal acticity is not so strong, lots of beginners take off and enjoy in the view of Alps and sailing.

neverending ridge....

We fly there almost whole year except in winter. Like I said before, Kobarid is known for its great options for long XC flights up to 160km and more. The following flight doesn’t seem to be special. It acctualy isn’t, it just nicely demonstrates an average flight so when you come to Kobarid you know where to fly…
Demonstration flight


But Kobarid isn’t known only because of great paragliding options. Alpinists, cyclist often come to Kobarid. Also lots of different sports in water like swimming in Soča, Canyoning and some other sports in a boat in case you don’t want to get wet.

So our next team meeting will be in an enviornment excellent for spending summer holidays with your family or an excellent place to start releasing adrenalin in your blood. I assure you won’t regret comming and I bet that most of you will return!

Have fun!


Mitja Jancic