NOVA Team Pilots at Chabre Open 2016

NOVA Team Pilots at Chabre Open 2016

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Hi All,

At last its Chabre time again! always looking foreward to this frendly comp with is brought with a lot of enthousiasm of David from Allez-Up the local school. Jocky Sanderson is present as the compdirector and this means a lot of laughing. Not so many tasks untill now. wind and a very ugly accident were the reasons for that.

Yesterday we had an alternative task. Conditions were difficult and only 5 pilots got to Goal. I was one of them :-) and got 4e time. Not so bad for this old guy. Luckely i am not the only NTP. As you can see on the pic; John Ashman from UK is also here. Two NOVA pilots standing strong :-). Today Windy again. Lets see what happens. Ill keep you posted.