XC-Open Piedrahita 2010 – Task 5,6,7 and results

XC-Open Piedrahita 2010 – Task 5,6,7 and results

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Hey all,

Dominik and I are back at home now.
The last 3 days were very good for big XC flights and i think we realized good results.

Task 5:
After one day of thunderstroms and rain the cloudbase was really low and the thermals weak.
Martin Müller flew, very impressive!, 171km.
Compared to this flight Dominiks flight with 46km and my flight with 57km looked very small.
However, Dominik was at place 24th and I 15th in the overall task score.

Task 6:
In the beginning the day looked a bit like thursday, weak thermals and low cloudbase at take off.
But at the pass, the sting(?) in piedrahita, i’ve got a reeeaaaallly great climb, from 1500m to 3500m with 4m/s. After the pass I

Chris Bessei