Still waiting for Summer Breeze and Thermals

Still waiting for Summer Breeze and Thermals

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Way up north (on top of Norway) it has been snowing until yesterday, and there has been grusomly rare flyingopportunities. Nevertheless, I have had time enough to plan some incredible flights from mountains pilots have never entered before. So this spring & summer I am prepared to walk up to the Lyngen Alps, to fly in Senja (where the troll lives) and go seakayaking to a few remote mountains in West Finnmark. I will make lots of nice photos and some film from my life above the Arctic Circle (Moral Circle – as we call it). You still have to wait a little before these loveletters and blogupdates happen – as you can see from the picture.

Have a nice summer, safe flights, new records and happy parties!

Big hug to all of you, from Guro up north
(In case any of you are heading up north, please give me a call or send me an e-mail/message at Facebook)

Take care! (Picture by Frans Alfred Johnsen)