News from Chabre Open 2011 in Larange (by Hans & Chavert)

News from Chabre Open 2011 in Larange (by Hans & Chavert)

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Hi everybody, here is the latest news from Chabre open; you all know that the weather is realy sh…!

But on Saturday we could fly a test task. It was cancelled because of incoming CB. At that time i just started the final glide and i ended first on goal. making me sort of a day winner but as i said…it was just a test task

Sunday: Pooring all day

Monday: Things look good and turned out even better. A not to big task (elapsed time) and 100 pilots started within half an hour.. I managed to start very early and set of as one of the first for my first competition in the mountains. Chavert flew behind me but a lot higher. During the next leg i lose sight of him. Allong the next leg i keep flying with the pilots up front. Close to the second (and last) turnpoint i suddenly see two gliders coming from a totaly diffferent direction. One of them is Chavert who realy speeds up and at the second turn a group of 4 gliders are gaining hight for ther final glide. I am the first to decide to go. The ohter three pilots gain a bit more hight and follow me. The goal and the ground nearing fast and i am sending out some “f” words. Why o why did i not gain more hight? I managed with i bit of luck at defenitly thx to the performance of the Triton. I was first on goal. From the gliders that followed me two just landed outside the goal (very unfortunally one of them Chavert. just 200 mtrs short).
At the end I won the first task!

Lets see of we have good weather the next days and. I’ll keep you posted

Chavert & Hans