My Year 2014 (from Matthias Kirchmayer)

My Year 2014 (from Matthias Kirchmayer)

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Hey Team,
unfortunately I have not been able to attend at the team meeting in Lermoos this year since I spontaneously catched up a cold. I was really looking forward to meeting all of you so I’m very sad that I had to pass out.

At least, I’d like to share a short summary of my year with you.

Welcome 2014

In winter 2013/2014, together with a friend I discovered a new passion: bivouac and camping adventures. It all began around Christmas, when I made myself a little present with buying a sophisticated, well-designed tent. Front that point on, I spent many nights on the mountains. No matter if the weather was rainy, the wind was blowing or the forecast predicted icy temperatures – we just had to gather our equipment, packup and enjoy the night in nature.


Furthermore, I enjoyed many, many awesome flights with my Susi-Q-20 this year. A big part of those flights were smooth glides from the top of some mountains. Additionally, I had many flights where I could experience the thermalling and soaring abilities of that nice, little wing. On that point, I’d like to mention that for me the Susi-Q has proven to be the perfect lightweight glider for walk-/bivouac-/climb-/ … & fly adventures.


Regarding XC flying, I was very motivated at the beginning of the season. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for big XC-adventures this year. Furthermore, I was not really lucky with my decisions about when and where to go flying. To sum up – my success measured on XC points and kilometers was rather modest. Though, I enjoyed many, many impressive and inspiring flights and really had a great flying season in this point of view.

That's how I look like in the airTaking off into the new season with full power









Last but not least I’d like to mention that my girlfriend finished the paragliding course some weeks ago – it looks like she’s really talented in terms of paragliding. So, maybe she apply to our team in the near future … ;-)

I’m looking forward to the new wings, the coming season and to meeting all of you in the mountains, in the air or at the upcoming team meeting.