Mini-Testival in Stubai

Mini-Testival in Stubai

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Hello to everybody

Every year in the third week or so in january our club organize’s a mini Testival in Austria together with NOVA. This year we had little participants but again lots of fun. Erik (one of the Pilots) made this small inpression. Again our thanks to  All Nova’s team (Toni, Mik, Andrea and Wolfi) for your great support and welcome.  Stubai is a great place to fly in the wintertine and we are happy with a glide down.

All pilots went home with a good feeling and lots of nice flights (don’t forget…in wintertime there is not much flying in the flatlands of the Netherlands). For us the saison has started great…now we wait untill spring and good weather come to the Netherlands


Hans / CloudtoCloud paragliding