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i just want to share some impressions Smile

That Mentor2 is really good performance wing we know, but i was curious about the handling, as probably the most of the pilots. When i got the Mentor2 I start with a ground handling … and first impression was … it’s a fantastic toy, glider easy comes up in no wind … so I played with it for a while (running left, right, up and down) Smile It was fun Smile

Next day i went to local takeoff and i spend almost 2 hours in the air . Yes the conditions were good and i start with wingovers and climbing back in the weak thermal (there i got this smile Smile ) Than i fly side by side with Triton (you already know the result and yes it’s true ) . Than i made some frontstall, big ears, B-stall and asym. collapse … glider is very stable and very nice I really enjoy in the air with this glider. But ok this is the first impression, so to get second opinion the next day i lent Mentor2 to Micko and i take Triton … so we made some photo and movie ( You can see it on the end of the movie, what he think about the glider.