16.-17. March: MENTOR 3 Test-Days (Netherlands near German Border)

16.-17. March: MENTOR 3 Test-Days (Netherlands near German Border)

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Hi everybody,

On 16-17 March we will organize a NOVA MENTOR 3 test-day in the Netherlands near the German Border. Everybody is welcome.

As we don’t have any hills we will tow you up. Two winches with 4 cables will make shure that a lot of flights are possible. So you will need a towing licence or minimal you can show us that you have experience.
As we are close to the German border this might also be interesting for Pilots in Nordrhein Westfalen or Bremen, Hamburg area. The only cost will be the actual towing (about 10 euros per pull).
In addition, NOVA invites all the pilots who flew the Mentor 3 for a landing beer :-)… Please spread the word arround.

On Facebook you can subscribe (see link below) and we will keep you informed. The only thing that can spoil this nice event is….the weather.


Best Regards

Hans ter Maat