In search for the Joy of Paragliding

In search for the Joy of Paragliding

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I am proud to say that I had the privilege to be the first pilots who could test the brand-new ION 6 on a trip to Brazil!

Since I had my accident in 2016 (Colombia) I have been searching for the JOY OF FLYING. My accident happened just before landing, and I directly threw my reserve, which didn´t open. As a result, landings have scared me ever since. When it´s turbulent, I should be happy, and fly – instead I just think: Will I be able to land safely?

The brand new ION 6 arrived just in time for our trip to Governador Valadares (Minas Gerais). Would I be able to re-find the Joy of Paragliding with this brand new wing?

Cool bag! Cool colours! Cool husband!

The first day, I just started, took some thermals, then played around before I entered the thermals again and went on, having fun. The result was a landing with a huge grin in my face.

But I still wasn´t sure how it would be, when I set off on XC.

Unfortunately, the weather system over Brazil had been very humid and rainy for months. And it was not about to change at all. The rivers kept on rising, the water kept pooring down and we were stuck with other fly-sick pilots, suffering from “cabin fever” for days…

Cabin fever

Being real optimists, we went up to the launch site with the bus, waited for hours – and finally took the bus back down again. Day after day!

View from the top

Some of the days, we hiked down the mountain. At least, well-spent shitty days! But did we really travel around the world for this?

Colourful hiking

Then, the days full of opportunities came. Blue sky, sunshine and popcorn-clouds. This is it, this is how Brazil should be!

My impressing crunchy new ION 6 and me took off, and hit the thermals. We were in between small showers, on the edges of clouds, we were speeding in search for new thermals, we hit some bumpy air and all I could think of was: WOW, this wing really amazes me!

I wanted to go further. I followed the others. I took the lead. I caught the best lift, and when I finally landed, I just did. Not even once did I spend time worrying about how I was going to manage my landing.

This is where I landed – looked so great. It WAS great. And I was so HAPPY.

After 14 days in Brazil, and with only 6 flights, I know what I am going to choose: I will choose to have fun in the air, with my new love; ION 6! I did re-discover the Joy of Paragliding.

Unfortunately; WE ARE now grounded in Norway. Flying has been stopped by The Norwegian Air Sports Federation due to the Corona crisis. Maybe the perfect time to order a new wing…

Guro Saniola Bjerk