Black Forest – soaring with the Factor 2

Black Forest – soaring with the Factor 2

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Hey guys,
two weeks ago i got the Factor 2 for the german championship. Sadly we had only two valid tasks and one which was canceled.
I did the 4th place in the german championship(serial class). :-)
From the first moment i felt very comfortable with the Factor 2:
The wing is less “digging” as the factor 1 was but regardless it’s nearly as agile as the Factor 1.
The performance is really nice, even if the speedbar is pushed to the maximum.

After the german open i travelled around with Kai and Anneke, met Toni Bender and crossed the first time
the main chain of the Alps. It was an epic feeling to fly over this big mountain ridge! :-)
Link to flight
Even if there were strong winds sometimes the factor 2 was really stable.

Back in Freiburg, i hitchhiked home from Greifenburg, there was a realy nice soaring day at the Kandel:

Best Regards,