A word from a new Team Pilot

A word from a new Team Pilot

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Can you make the world a better place by flying paragliders? Well, that is the question I have asked myself many times lately. Sometimes packing the wing and taking a weekend or a whole week away from the loved ones can be a tough call. Or answering to questions like why I add somewhat risky element to my daily life that doesn’t even pay the rent or bring food to the table.  I still believe the answer to the question is a big yes. When we live our lives following our passion and experience all these amazing things like flying wingtip to wingtip with vultures or landing out in a strange country after hours in the air above snow-covered mountains, these moments shape our personalities and the way we deal with daily life and problems.

At least I feel like I’m filled with gratitude and pure awe after a great flight, which can be a big FAI triangle or just a sledge ride in the calm evening air. That gratitude and passion I want to share, not only with the like-minded community of fellow pilots but at workplace or at home, too. So, I guess paragliding has definitely helped me to become a better person and through that, I hope I can make even a small change to the world be helping others, sharing the love and the passion.

Landing with a big smile


Flying for me is a way of life. Every time I grab my rucksack and head to the towing field or mountains, I feel like that 6-year old little boy I used to be, dreaming of flying like a bird. Now that the dream has come reality for me, it’s time to share the passion and the dream with others.

That’s why I set up my own paragliding school and want to help new dreamers to the skies but also those who have hurt their wings or got scared after a close call. As a psychotherapist I have seen and heard of a lot of carnage and bad stuff happening and I am happy to share my knowledge of mental trauma and dealing with it with those who have suffered.

It’s good to remember that even if cross country flying is our passion, the most important goal for every flight is to stay safe to fly another day and to be able to share the love. That’s why I’m super stoked to be chosen to NOVA Pilots Team and to fly and represent NOVA wings and the idea behind them. See you in the sky!

Antti from Finnland

Antti ready to head for the launch