Winter CUP

Winter CUP

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Paragliding Winter Cup

is the name of a competition in south Slovenia, where conditions allows us to have paragliding competitions even in the winter time.
There are 4 competitions on the winter calendar, from November to March.
The new thing this winter is OLC competition,
this are the rules
* OLC free flying competition: 1.11.09 – 6.3.2010
* Five best scored flights will be counted for the final result of each competitor (the best one each month)
* All flights with take-offs in Europe will be counted
* The flights on selected days from take-offs LIJAK and KOVK will be multiply by 2:   /14.-15. nov, 28.-29. nov, 6.-8. feb, 6. mar /

So now we are on the “middle” of the winter comp. calendar and weather was really bad. We didn’t have any winter cup task, but we had 2 good days, one in November and one in December :-)
A little less than 2 month after my shoulder operation I was back in the air. First of all I was late on the take off, second thing was little pain in my shoulder. Desire to fly has been stronger than pain. After half hour of flying I was back in the game :-) pushing speed bar and catching what was left of the day. It was amazing to watch sunset from the air, unfortunately I forgot my camera at home. I end the day with 63km flat triangle and average speed 33 km/h and become winner of the day and in the end of the month this was also the longest flight of November.
Next good day was 2nd of December. Again we went to Lijak, but in Ajdovscina was some NE wind so no chance for flying to Nanos (antena). So plan was getting as much as possible Km on zig zag flying. This time was more like a race, because some pilots wont to beat me (I was not late on take off). In the air I change my XC plan, but a lot of pilots followed me, than I use some tricks which I learned on competitions and I ended the day as a winner with 52km. In December were some more flying days but not for max 30 km long flights. So I become also a winner of December.
What can I say is  Great end of the year.

So far 245 pilots compete in OLC free flying competition, all you must do is claim you flight to this server
All flights with take-offs in Europe are counted, and its without entree fee.
So we will see what will happened in next part of this winter.

Sunny days for 2010