Hi from Flo Heuber – Junior pilot from Germany

Hi from Flo Heuber – Junior pilot from Germany

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My name is: Florian Heuber, but everybody calls me by my nick name „Flo“. I am 17 years old and live near Starnberg, some kilometers south of Munich. Still going to school. At least one more year.

Coming from a rock climbing background, I always wanted to fly. Don`t know why. Even as a very young kid. Then, with 13, I had to stop climbing for a couple of month due a finger problem (which is very common these days, when kids start climbing pretty early and get quite good, before they turn into teenagers).

I was full of energy at this time, but had nothing to do, except school (o.k. I could play soccer with some mates…). So I asked my Dad, if he could teach me Paragliding. To make a long story short: We went to France and had lot`s of fun during our summer vacations. We enjoyed flying from the very first moment. I tried to learn quickly and passed the exam to my first DHV-license with 14. When I tried to pick it up, at my 16th birthday, they told me to do the practical part again. I had been to young the first time. „It is not about if you can fly or not. It`s about your age“.

Then I passed it a second time and made my cross country license a couple of weeks later. Cool times. Feeling free now. At the moment I try to combine school, rock climbing and flying as good as I can. If you are interested what`s up here, you can have a look at my new webpage:


(there is a German and a English version. Please leave a comment. I would like to improve it with your suggestions).

At the end of last year, I got the invitation to join the NOVA-Junior-Pilot Team. What a honor! I`m absolutely happy to be member of such a cool community. Hope I can help to have lot`s of good days together. Enjoyed the last Team meeting in Lermoos a lot. Really looking forward to learn as much as I can from all of you. For me everything will get a lot easier when turning 18 in November and be allowed to drive alone. So long.

Hope to see you all soon. Be it in the air, at some rock, or at a bar ;)