G-Force Trainer

G-Force Trainer

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Hi all,

Last saturday (3 nov) I was invited to a G-Force training, together with all Dutch paragliding instructors as a supplementary training. We talked the whole day about all aspects of spiralling. We discussed all pros and cons of yes or no having spriralling in our courses.

It was quite interesting to hear how the other instructurs deal with it. Some say that spiralling is ment to be learnt in a SIV training and others think this is basic stuff.

The most interesting was offcourse the parctise. Because we had little time and a big group. We started with 2,5 G and everybody shared the opinion that 2,5 G was no problem it all. Then we went directly up (after lunch :-) to 6 G’s and that was quit other stuff :-).


But before we started the second round we were instructed about breathing techniques. Getting pressure as high as possible in your body, seating position and offcourse what happens when it is to much. As you yourself are in controll of the speed that was interesting information. The more you pull the stearing line down the faster you go.

6 G’s are a lot and you feel the real force on you and I never had a spiral this hard. After three rounds with 6 G the colours vanished an just a few seconds later everything turned grey/black and I had no sight anymore. I didn’t black out and knew what to do and released the brakes gently.

I had totally forgotten my breathing techniques as the instructor had told us. Okay! :-) Speed went down, sight came back and a lesson learned. Great experience and very good to know what the limits are and what happens to your body. It will help me giving better advice to other pilots and if you have the posibility to experience this I would advice you to do so.

Best regards

Hans ter Maat