Flying over Borromeo Islands

Flying over Borromeo Islands

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This year we had the opportunity to land on one of the most visited island of my countryside, Isola Maggiore or Pescatori, Borromeo’s Island, Lago Maggiore.
We took off from Mottarone, at 1500 m and we landed on the island. This was possible because we had an incredible dry winter and the level of water is very low.
It was quite scary, we were surrounded by water, but the view was also stunning!
Hope you will enjoy the pictures!


Isola Pescatori, Isolino & Isola Madre – Thanks to Angelo Luraschi


Isola Madre with is Gardens – Thanks to Angelo Luraschi

Approching the landing

The folding area :)

Landing with tourists

From left to right: Paolo, Fabio, Ivo, Angelo, Grazia, Nathan, Marco, Alessandro, Lele – Who can guess who is not able to swim!!!???

Island deck

Back with the Ferry