Dean Crosby & Triton 2

Dean Crosby & Triton 2

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Who would not expect good results if you match a world class pilot with a world class glider. Nonetheless I was surprised to get a phone call from Dean Crosby on monday evening. A few days ago he had received his first Triton 2 demo and now he got stuck somewhere around Nottingham unable to get back home. Apparently he had managed to fly out of the Dales, past Leeds and straight into the Lincolnshire see breeze. Battling with failing instruments he covered in about 7 hours 216 km. That left him with 193 km open distance.


I picked him up at Leeds train station at 11 pm and we had a nice evening together celebrating probably the longest distance ever flown from that region. A promising start for the new wing. I can not wait to finally get mine now…

Happy Landings,