British Open St Jean Montcal – FACTOR 2!

British Open St Jean Montcal – FACTOR 2!

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Just a quick few points as im going flying at St Andre in a bit now :)

The glide is amazing on/off speed, the turn of speed is incredible too, the glider whistles louder as it gets faster :) . Controlling the wing at speed using the Cs is going to take some more getting used to (i think it is less easy than on the F1; but on the F1 the tips flexed a bit sometimes) on that note the F2 is super solid on bar, it feels like one solid lump above you which will just slice through almost any turbulence.

Saying that Steve Nash can probably describe better than me a 40% collapse on bar that I had as he was just below and behind me at the time :) It was my fault it reacted how it did: I got the collapse and for almost a second nothing happened so im think “ok its not going to turn or dive so I can just hold the bar and weightshift away and keep my speed up” nope! as I think this and relax it dives fairly violently im immediately looking to see where Steve is so I can miss him, come off the bar and opposite break = collapse sorted nicely. Lesson learned; come off the bar immediately ;)

On several occasions I glided wingtip to wingtip with GTOs and M4s and I can say hand on heart that the wing goes as well as them easily! Given a good enough pilot an F2 would have won the competition easily. I think that the F2 out glides/speeds the XC3 too. Flying a lot with Steve Nash on his Mentor 2 the performance is not too different. But the F2 has the edge.

I found that with one big ear in the wing would turn away from the ear!? with a big big ear/ collapse it would turn towards the collapse to begin with then steer away; the openside wingtip will flex inwards slightly and act as a counter-steer to the collapse. The wing spirals/SATs well too :) Wingovers are more solid when going big than the F1 too.

I love this wing!