Sebastian Benz flies a new Aussie record – 360kms!!

Sebastian Benz flies a new Aussie record – 360kms!!

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Hi friends!

Seb lands after 360k

(pic courtesy of the Australian Paragliding Centre)

Yesterday was a very exciting day for paragliding in Australia – the whole flying community held its breath and watched (via SPOT tracking) as Sebastian flew his Triton to a new Aussie record of 360k’s from the flatlands of Deniliquin to Yass in NSW (about 50k’s from Canberra)!! Seb says that he was thinking about not even launching yesterday because the day didn’t look very good – there was a fair amount of high cloud and initially he was only getting 1400masl, until later in the day when base popped up to 2400masl. The previous Aussie record of 335k’s had stood since 1998, so it is a huge achievement for Seb to have broken such a long standing record – awesome flying Seb!!

Seb’s tracklog is here:

Congratulations again Seb ;) safe traveling back to Switzerland on Saturday – we will miss you!!