Last flying trip for the Aussie season

Last flying trip for the Aussie season

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Hi friends

The Aussie season is winding down and winter is fast approaching. To celebrate the end of another fantastic season of flying a group of paraglider, hang-glider and trike pilots from my local club got together and traveled down to Corryong in the Victorian Alps for four glorious, fun-filled flying days and chilly nights drinking beer in the pub.

It is not time of year for epic cross-country flights, but we flew a lot of fun ‘novelty’ tasks of around 10-15km, with goal mostly at a local airstrip. The leaves are changing color in the autumn and the views were just spectacular. I made a little video on my iPhone5 to remember the trip and the beautiful flying on my Factor2. She has a few hours on her now but she still flies so beautifully!

Cheers and happy flying to all our friends whose season is just beginning in the European Alps!

Kari (NPT, Australia)