German Midlands

German Midlands

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I would like to inform you about the German Midlands very seriously.

At firs, i saw a new glider-harness-combination, wich flews very well in strong wind conditions.

picture by Jens Nicklich

The Report:

The German Midlands are a new international contest orgenized in crawinkel.

The organization was very well and the pilots had very high qualifications.

Day 1

The first day was to windy so the first task was blown away at 16 o´clock.

Maurice Knurr was the only one how reach the first waypoint.


The task was a high selektiv triangle. Maurice Knurr was the only one in goal Again… Stefan Born, Jürgen Bienhüls and my smallness reaches the second angle.

Day 3

Nobody reaches the goal. but some small distances were flown and at the evening there was some sausage soup with egg.

Day 4

strong wind and torn thermal made the task very difficult. So nobody reaches the goal. Nevertheless we had some fun.

Picture: Stephan Born with cool midlands t-shirt and BRATWURST.

At Day 5,6,7 the weather was windy and rainy so the pilots go realexing in isotherms and on the campfire.

Day 8

More than 6 pilots finished the 39 km task the first was Maurice Knur AGAIN…

so the winner were determined:

Turingian saxon champs

3. Stephan Honrung, 2. Christian Klose, 1. Dr. Dietrich Münchmeyer


3. Rico Konratt (me on Triton) , 2. Stephan Born, 1. Maurice Knur

At the end it was a realy nice competition with many cool girls and guys,

a lot of beer and realy nice fights.

Link to the website German Midlands